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I was horrified to learn that our Military personnel are being used to Scam the women on dating sites.  This may make us look at the men who serve our country in a much different light.  I met a man on a dating site several months ago, his sole purpose was to scam me out of money.  He told me all the things I wanted to hear and then started the lies in order to deceive me of money.  These criminals say that they are stationed overseas, currently the hotspots are Iraq and Afghanistan.  He will tell you he wants to come see you but has to pay his own way to do so.  He will ask you to contact his Commander for an emergency leave at some email that is probably a free e-mail account from

Remember all branches of the military use a formal email such as  If you are conversing with anyone who claims he is an active duty soldier, the first thing you do is ask him to mail you from his military email.  It is important you establish his identity.  He will likely try to get you to purchase him a satellite phone from Ts2 which is an authentic business serving the military.  The problem is that they will use mails such as: or  These are fraudulent email addresses.  Do not trust anyone who is using a email address such as Yahoo or Gmail to converse with you.  The unfortunate part is these scammers have actually hi-jacked the photos of our soldiers and are using them to deceive the women they speak with.  Never send money to anyone.  Be aware, protect yourself! If you have been scammed please file a complaint here:

For additional information please visit here:

I have included the photos of the man who scammed me...he uses the name Scott Pelzer, he claims he is a SGT in the Army serving in Iraq.  He trolls free dating sites.  He likes to claim he is from Alabama and between 39 and 42 years of age.  Beware, he is a predator.  Some of the dating sites he frequents are:,,, to name a few.  If this man contacts you please contact your local police department.  

Here are some links to him:

Tony Elvin

If anyone knows who the above photos belong to, please contact him and let him know his identity is being used for fraud.